How to Import Tallyfor Data into UltraTax

Importing your UltraTax data file is simple. If this is the first time importing a Tallyfor file into UltraTax, please set up a column mapper first.

 1) In the client you wish to import, go to Utilities/Trial Balance Excel Import. (See screenshot below)

2) Browse and select the Tallyfor UltraTax File. Select "Use a previous defined mapping" and chose the mapping you set up for Tallyfor. Click Next.

3) You will be given a preview of your imported data. If there are any red boxes, your data will not import. If you wish you can exclude specific rows not to import by selecting "omit row". Click Import

4) UltraTax will import the data and show a dialog box when complete. Click Done and review your data in UltraTax.

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