How to Use a Rollforward

In Tallyfor a Roll Forward is the copying of any prior year Trial Balance structure. This way you don’t need to make your groups, rename your accounts or make your tax categories again!

Tallyfor does not roll forward for the financial information like a traditional financial roll forward. Tallyfor just copies what was done last year. 

From the Client Screen click the  + Icon to add a new Adjusting Trial Balance.

Select the ATB you want to Roll Forward, and the new year, if necessary. The "New Roll Forward" button will create a new ATB.

If you want to also copy the Journal Entries from a prior Trial Balance, keep the checkbox "Journal: roll forward" selected. (It is selected by default)


Q: I input a client as 2021 and and it should have been the 2020 - I need to correct this so I can properly roll the client forward.

A: From Tallyfor's point of view, there is little change between years and it does not affect the Import into the tax product. So, you could keep the 2021 ATB and rename it (w the pencil icon) to indicate it really was 2020 data and carry on that way.

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