Tallyfor subscriptions are priced on a 'per binder' basis. In other words, your subscription cost is based on the number of binders that you use. A "binder" is a a client, plus the year. If you make multiple versions of an ATB under a client + year, you will only be charged for the first version.

Note: Previously in Tallyfor, pricing was based on "returns".

The Billing page can be found in the top main menu bar, next to Settings. From this page you can purchase and manage your Tallyfor subscription. 

Use the Purchase button to be taken to a checkout where you can enter your credit card or ACH information. You can add Additional binders to your subscription during the checkout process. This button will only be present if you are on a Trial Subscription.

Tallyfor Billing Page

The checkout form.

To learn more about Tallyfor subscriptions:

From the Billing page, you can also see how many binders you have available and review the ATB's you have used. You can also review your purchase history.

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