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Tallyfor Connect FAQs

What is a Chrome extension?

You can add new features to Chrome by installing extensions. Visit the Chrome Web Store on your desktop computer to add Tallyfor Connect.

Does this work with other browsers? Do you have to use Chrome?

This extension is for the Chrome browser, including Chrome for windows.

You can get chrome here.

How does it work?

The Tallyfor Connect extension automatically completes an Intuit ProConnect tax return with data prepared by Tallyfor Balance.

How do I get it?

Visit the Chrome Web Store here.

You can find Tallyfor Connect on the Chrome Web Store here.

How much does it cost?

Tallyfor connect is included with Tallyfor Balance at no additional cost.

Learn more about Tallyfor Balance here.

Does it work for individual returns? (Form 1040)

Tallyfor Connect is currently only for the business returns: 1120, 1120S and 1065. If you are interested in 1040 returns, please contact us.

This is cool, how do I send you a coffee?

Thanks! We love coffee! Please rate us on the Chrome Web Store here!

How to Get the Tallyfor Connect Chrome Extension

You can find Tallyfor Connect on the Google Chrome Web Store here.

Step 1: Click "Add to Chrome"

Step 2: Click Add extension

Step 3: You will see this window when the extension has been added.

Step 4: Click on Extensions (Puzzle Piece) Icon in Browser 

How to Import Tallyfor Data into Intuit ProConnect

First, you'll need Tallyfor Connect - our Chrome plugin - in order to populate tax forms with Intuit ProConnect.  If you haven't installed it yet, please follow these instructions.

Once you have prepared a return in Tallyfor, you can auto-fill a return in ProConnect with your adjusted tax balances from Tallyfor.  

1. Download the tax file from Tallyfor.  

2. Open up the corresponding return in ProConnect Tax.  Head to the 'Input Return' tab.  Stay on the 'Table of Content' tab.

3. Locate Tallyfor Connect from your extensions menu.  

***If you haven't already, now is good time to pin the extension for quick access.  Once pinned, it will be visible in your Chrome toolbar.

5. After uploading the .json file, click "Auto-fill Form" button.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THE BROWSER TAB.  Just sit back for a minute and let the machines do the work!

6. Once the process is complete, you'll receive a notification in Tallyfor Connect.  After you receive the notification, you can close the extension and move on to review.  

FAQs, Tips and Troubleshooting

Working on an older return that is not specifically supported by Tallyfor?

For ProConnect, we only have tax maps* for years 2022 and beyond.

*Tax maps are what we use to produce the tax file that is used to auto-fill forms in ProConnect.

If you are working on an older return that is not specifically listed by Tallyfor, use the closest year.

For example, if you need to create a rollover for 2021, you could repurpose a 2022 binder for the 2021 return. Just create a new empty binder for 2022, import the 12/31/21 balances and then edit the name of the binder (top of screen) to note that it's actually for TY21.

We will eventually add some prior years to the ProConnect support. But right now, we're focused on getting everything ready for TY23.

Q: What happens if I reimport Tallyfor data into Intuit ProConnect? Will it remove the previously imported amounts, add everything new, or only add the amounts that have changed?

A: If you re-import into a return using the Intuit ProConnect extension, the following will happen:

  • Lines WITHOUT attached statements
    • balances will be updated/added
    • balances will not be removed if a line has a balance in the first import and no balance in the second import
    • Recommendation:
      • Keep an eye out for tax lines that 'lose' their balance between imports. These will need to be cleared out manually.
  • Attached Statements
    • Existing lines will NOT be updated or deleted
    • New lines will be added
    • Recommendations:
      • For the Income Statement, if you want to re-populate attached statements, delete the lines that are pending updates in ProConnect before re-importing the data. The update will be recorded as a new line.
      • For the Balance Sheet, enter any updates by hand. This way, you don't lose the beginning of year balance.

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