Reports in Tallyfor

There are 5 primary reports in Tallyfor

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • M-1 Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Journal Entry Report

The reports are intended to read in the same order as the tax form.

Toggle Reclass/Tax JE View

When viewing the Income Statement or Balance Sheet, you have the ability to toggle the Reclass and Tax JE's on or off.

Reclass/Tax Toggle On

Reclass/Tax Toggle off

Comparing other ATBs from Same Client

When viewing the Trial Balance Report, you can compare with another ATB from the same client.

Downloading Reports

All of the reports can be dowloaded in XLS format. They're available individually via the respective tab and also as a single workbook via the Menu.

Download Individually:

Download Individual Report via Report Tab

Download All Reports as Single Workbook:

Menu>Download All Reports

Printing Reports

Watch this tutorial with tips about how to print when you "Download All Reports" as a single workbook.

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