Start Here If You are Needing Support

We are here to help with your questions. Help us best help you. If something comes up when working in Tallyfor, we can best and most efficiently resolve your issue if you send us the following information when you first reach out to us:

  • A description of the issue.
  • If you have a question about an import from an accounting system, please send the Excel files.
  • The URL of the ATB/Binder in question. (Copy and paste from browser). If for some reason it's not possible to send this, please provide the Client Name and Year.
URL of Tallyfor ATB
  • The workbook for the client in question. You can download the workbook via the "Download All Reports" button in the menu.
  • The tax file. You can download the tax file via the "Download for Tax" button in the menu

Workbook and Tax File Downloads

Anything else what might help us understand what is going on, such as full page screenshots or a Loom video can be very helpful as well.

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