Inputs are grouped by income type and organized a series of 'cards.' Below is an explanation of the data fields used in each card.

These inputs can be populated manually, or by using the pdf parser.

Return Details

Enter all basic information to create setup an accurate projection. 2023 tax return was used as the reference.

  • Loss carryover - As calculated using Schedule D instructions.
  • Prior Year AGI - Form 1040 line 11
  • Refund Applied - Form 1040 line 34 
  • Prior Year Tax - Form 1040 line 24
  • Tax Payer Details - Taxpayer, spouse (if applicable) and dependents (if applicable).

Tax Payments

Record tax payment activity.  If you upload a pdf of last year's return, last year's refunds and payroll withholding will be recorded as payments for current year.

Add quarterly estimated tax payments by hitting ‘+Add Payment.’ Choose payment type, payment amount and payment date. Hit "Record Payment" to save.

For more info on how payments are calculated and applied, please check out the Knowledge Base for Tax Payments.  


Wage sources: Add one wage card for each employer (W-2). The spouse checkbox will only show if the return is a "Married filing joint" tax return. Check the box to allocate wages to the spouse.

Earnings, Pay Periods and Paystub Dates: TaxCalc will annualize wages if you enter the info below.

  • Pay Period
  • Pay date
  • Wages (from current period)
  • YTD

You can also simply enter a projected income into the YTD field. 

Deductions: Enter pre-tax deductions 401K is there by default. FSA, Employee health insurance, etc. Click the State/Local checkboxes if you want these deductions included in State and Local calculations.

Withholdings: Enter paycheck withholdings - federal tax withholding, state tax withholding (if applicable), and local tax if applicable. Want us add an additional local income tax? Please send the details of your request to

State Calculation

TaxCalc offers a simple state calculation module.  We will continue to make enhancements on a state-by-state basis based on user adoption and feedback.

Want us to work on a specific state? Please send the details of your request to


  • State estimated payment schedules currently match the federal quarterly estimated payment schedule.  
  • If the Income number on the state return does not match the federal return, use the Adjustments field.

Local Calculation

Local taxes will be added on a per-request basis. Want us to add support for a specific locality? Please send the details of your request to


  • Projection Date: This is the date that data was entered into these fields.  This date does not affect any calculations.
  • QBI
  • Interest: Tax-exempt (line 2a) and Taxable (line 2b).
  • Dividends: Qualified (line 3a) and Non-Qualified/Ordinary (line 3b)
  • Gains/Losses: Short term (Sch D, line 7) and long term (Sch D, line 15)


Enter the gross amounts for:

  • IRA Distributions (line 4a)
  • Pensions and annuities (line 5a)
  • Social Security Benefits (Line 6a).

Then, enter the withholding info for each item. TaxCalc will calculate the taxable amount and populate the estimated totals for lines 4b, 5b, 6b accordingly. 


Details coming soon

Adjustments to Income


AMT Adjustments

Details coming soon

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