How to Import Tallyfor Data into Drake

Tallyfor leverages Drake’s existing import functionalities to make it easy to get most of your data into Drake. Every field that Drake allows to import on their Trial Balance report Tallyfor can import. There are important exceptions you should note below.

We estimate that for a typical tax client, about 90% of manual data entry is solved by Tallyfor. Do everything in Tallyfor as you normally would.

When you are ready to import into Drake, go to the Tallyfor Menu ”Export for Drake Tax” and Download the excel file. Save this file to a convenient location on your computer.

Please watch the video to see how to import into Drake.

Importantly, Drake does not allow import of the following lines:
Depreciation, line 14
Depreciation from form 4562
M-1 Adjustments
Schedule L: Other Current Assets, Other Investments, Other Assets, Other Current Liabilities, Other Liabilities, Adjustments to Equity.

The best practice is to map the lines to "DO NOT MAP" and manually update Drake after importing from Tallyfor. 

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