Importing an Excel Trial Balance

Tallyfor can import a Two Column Excel Trial Balance. (2Col Trial Balance)

Example File  

Excel Import Troubleshooting

Details on how to successfully import an Excel Trial Balance:

1) The "Import Excel" Button is inactive until you choose a file. If the button is still not active after you've selected a file, the file has not been prepared properly. See 2 below.

2)  Every account needs a unique account code (account number). Decimals are not allowed. If an account code is missing, the Import Excel Button will not be active. Please assign a unique account code (account number) to all accounts.

*Account codes are required and need to be unique.  If there are duplicate account codes only the last account will be imported.

3) Tallyfor's excel importer does not require you to identify the "Account Type" (Assets, Liability, Revenue, Expenses, Equity) . 

4) If you are pasting in data from another GL product, please make sure there are no formulas by using "Paste as Values"

If the account type is not identified, Tallyfor will import it as "Unassigned". When you assign the tax category, Tallyfor will assign the correct account type.

4) You need to refresh the browser in order to select a new file. If you've modified the file between imports, please refresh your browser to import the new file.

5)  A Total row is required for import It should be named "Total" in column A. If a total row is not included, the last line of the trial balance data may not be imported.

6) The tab name needs to be " Trial Balance" or "Sheet1") Cell A3 of the Trial Balance holds ending date, written eg, " As of December 31, 2021" . Please include the text "As of" (We will improve import of this field to accept pure date formats shortly)

If you have an excel report from an accounting product that you commonly use, if you provide a sample report, we can look into making a native importer for that report. Please contact

If you have issues importing your file, please review the below troubleshooting summary

Troubleshooting Summary

  • Use the provided template
    • Example File  
    • The header through row 5 is required. Data begins on line 6. If the header is missing, the file won't import properly. 
  • Always have a Total Row - a Total Row is required for proper import
  • Make sure that the cells below Total Row do not contain any data 
  • Make sure that none of the cells in Column B (Account) do not have numbers. Numbers in this column are recognized by Tallyfor as a number and confuse the importer. If a number is necessary this can resolved by putting an apostrophe ' before the number (this is an Excel thing) which will enable it to be imported. 
  • Use unique Account numbers. Decimals are not allowed.
  • When Pasting into template, paste Values Only. Formulas pasted in the template will cause the import to fail. 
  • Note: If you have accounts with xero amount, the file will import but the accounts with xero amounts will not be imported.  

If you are still having trouble importing the file, please send the file over to us at and we will further troubleshoot for you! 

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