How to Import Schedule C into Drake

Here is how to get the Drake file from Tallyfor.

1) From the Drake main screen, go to: Tools/File Maintenance/Import Data. 

2) Select QuickBooks Financial and Accounting Software, Click Next

3) Find the file you downloaded from Tallyfor 4) Identify the Client ID into which you wish to import the data. Click Next.

5) Confirm the client and click Finish.

6) That's it, the data should be in your Schedule C. 

Important notes: 

  1. Drake can only import into one Schedule C.
  2. Line 27a Other expense: Drake only allows one line to be imported into this field. Tallyfor therefore produces a single summed total for import. 
  3. If you re-import data onto existing Schedule C data, the import will only replace the data of fields of which there is data. Data in fields that are not specifically overwritten will still be on the form. Please check after each import that the results are as you expect.

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