How to Add a User to Tallyfor

Adding a User:

Only a User with the role: Admin is able to add more team members. Learn more about Roles here.

1) Click the +Add button.

2) Enter the email of the individual you wish to add. Their account must be a Google or Microsoft account. 

3) The added user will receive an email when they are invited. They can follow the prompts within the email to sign in. 

4) When an added user successfully logs in, they will be added under "Current Users". Only one unique email is allowed per user.  If the User you are adding already has a Tallyfor account with that email already, you cannot add that User. If you run into this case, Please contact and we can help you. 

NOTE: The user will expire 14 days from when it is first entered. If the user attempts to login after this period, they will not be able to. If this happens, please see below regarding "Removing a User", remove them and then re-add them, by following the steps above "Adding a User". After they have been added again, they should be able to login. 

Removing a User:

Removing a User is easy.

1) Click the Revoke Button on a User's name.

*You can revoke a member before they have accepted an authorization.

*If you need to re-add a User, follow the above steps "Adding a User"


Q; Can I transfer Admin rights to another user?

A: Yes, just invite the other person in via the TEAM tab. Once they accept the invite, you can assign them Admin rights. Find out more about roles here.

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