Tax Categories Template Based on Chart of Accounts

Templating is a way to apply all the tax categories at once to a given Chart of Accounts (COA).

To activate the templating feature, first turn on the feature in Settings: 

NOTE: Only an Admin can change this setting. For more information please see Team Member Roles

Example file

It's similar to a roll-forward, but typically applied to a new client in Tallyfor. The most efficient flow is to have a standard COA or a master COA.

A template file is a COA with special columns that identify the Tax Category. In the screenshot below it is Column C. Tallyfor reads the IRS line number from Column C. For example, "01A" is the IRS Line number for "Gross receipts or sales". 

If you are interested in learning more about templating please email 

This article will be updated as we improve this feature.

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