Tallyfor Tax Templates

Templating is a way to apply all the tax categories at once to a given Chart of Accounts (COA). The templating feature works best if a given chart of accounts is standard across accounts.

How to Activate Templating

To activate the templating feature, first turn on the feature in Settings: 

📌 NOTE: Only an Admin can change this setting. For more information please see Team Member Roles

Templating in Tallyfor

Templating is similar to a roll-forward, but typically applied to a new client in Tallyfor. The most efficient flow is to have a standard COA or a master COA.

A template file is a COA with special columns that identify the Tax Category. In the screenshot below it is Column C. Tallyfor reads the IRS line number from Column C. For example, "01A" is the IRS Line number for "Gross receipts or sales". 

Download Example Tallyfor Template File

Glossary of 2023 Tallyfor Tax Line Codes

If you are interested in learning more about templating please email support@tallyfor.com. 

2023 Tax Product Template Code Glossaries






Best practices for making your template

  • Apply template as first step when you are creating a new trial balance. If you want to apply the template, everything needs to be uncategorized. Previously applying a template to a trial balance will overwrite on top of work that has been done.
  • Column B and C are required. Column C needs to have the tax categories. A glossary of the tax categories can be found here. The name of the tax category is not strictly required.
  • Data starts on Line 8. Any data before that is ignored.
  • Account numbers are required. If your CoA doesn't have them you can just fill the column with numbers to allow the template to work. If your accounting system does not have them, Tallyfor will match on the account name.
  • Use the Column "TAX GROUP", Column E to auto create Tallyfor Groups. 
    • This column is CASE SENSITIVE.  This means that "Advertising" is different than "advertising", and will create two different groups. 
    • The Tax Group Column is intended to be the group name and does not require the line number. 
    • The following characters “.”, “#”, “$”, “/”, “[”, or “]” are not allowed in the group name.
  • PROPERTY NUMBER is not currently used. Do not remove the column. 
  • TAX ACCOUNT TYPE is not required, you can leave this blank if you do not know the Account type.
  • The Excel tab name needs to be "Tax Trial Balance"

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