Client Screen

The Client Screen is where you can see all your clients. 

Tip: In Tallyfor, the "+" or "+Add" means, "add something" for example a client or an Automated Trial Balance

Add a new Client with the "+ Add" button

You can create an unlimited number of Automated Trial Balances for each client. This can be for different years, or if you are working with versions, several versions for each year.

You can archive clients and they will be removed from your main client view. This way you can keep your main client view neat and clean.   Note: You need to be admin to archive and unarchive accounts. 

You archive a client by clicking on the "Archive this client" button in the "Actions" row of the client screen.

You can also unarchive them. To Unarchive a client, check the "Show Archived Clients" box, then click the "Unarchive this client" under the "Action" row.

Archive Client/Unarchive Client Process


Q: How do I change/modify a Client ID ?

A: We currently don't allow you to change/modify a ClientID, as that is a unique ID. If you've erroneously created a ClientID or need to change the client ID or name, we currently suggest you make a new client with the proper ID and archive the unused/incorrect one.

Pro Tip: Tallyfor uses CCH Axcess' "Client ID", but we call the "Name", "Client"

Tallyfor CCH Axcess
Client Name
Client ID

Client ID

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