How to Get the Right QuickBooks Desktop Reports

You can import QuickBooks Desktop Excel Trial Balances into Tallyfor. Tallyfor works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

First, Export 2 reports as Excel.

Tallyfor requires a pair of reports, 1) The "Trial Balance" and 2) the "Account Listing" report. Both are found under the Quickbooks Menu item Reports/Accountant & Taxes. See screenshots below.

Reports/Accountant & Taxes/Trial BalanceYou want to download theTrial Balance, NOT the Adjusting Trial Balance.

Reports/Accountant & Taxes/Account Listing

Use the Excel dropdown to create a New Worksheet.

Do not use the PDF version, or CSV versions of the reports.

Now that you have the right reports, In Tallyfor, on the QBD Import Card, select each file and then click "Import QBD Files".

You do not need to modify the reports in any way. QuickBooks may add an extra tab. You may or may not delete this tab. DO NOT rename Sheet 1.

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