Login Change from Google to Microsoft - Team Members

This article is for organizations that are changing their authentication provider from Google to Microsoft.

  1. If you need to migrate an Admin account, confirm or create at least two Admin accounts or an Owner and an Admin to start. 

NOTE: You can promote a user to Admin on the Team page, if you are an Admin or Owner.

If you are migrating a non-Admin/Owner account, you can proceed as an Admin or Owner below.

  1. For each user to be migrated
    1. That user must log out of Tallyfor.
    2. That user should delete tallyfor.com cookies in their browser(s). For details about deleting cookies in Chrome and Edge, see the "Sign In Troubleshooting" Sections of this Help Article
    3. Have an Admin delete that user in the Team page.
    4. Re-invite that user's email back into Tallyfor on the Team page.
    5. Have user log back in with Microsoft Auth (instead of Google Auth)
    6. If that user was previously an Admin, restore his/her Admin role in the Team page

NB: Always have at least one active Admin or Owner user or the firm will lose the ability to self-administer.

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