Connecting Your QBO Client Data

1. Data Flow Diagram

Tallyfor pulls the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Trial Balance.

2. Getting Started

The Integration card on the Menu ribbon presents you with a few options to pull your QBO data.

  • Each Client can have multiple Trial Balances and each Trial Balance can be connected to a single QBO company
  • More than one Trial Balance can connect to one QBO company. 
  • You can choose the Trial Balance date to pull over.
  • You can choose Cash or Accrual. 


  • My data has changed in QBO, how do I refresh Tallyfor?
    • Tallyfor remembers your Renames, Groupings, Tax Categorizations, and Journal Entries. Simply click QB Connect again. Tallyfor will also remember the work you have done if you change the Date or Accounting Method.
  • How do I disconnect from QBO?
    • You can disconnect and delete previously downloaded data by clicking on the button "Disconnect and delete all accounts" found at the bottom of a Trial Balance.  This will also delete Groupings, Renamings, Tax Mappings, and Journal Entries.

  • What doesn’t your integration do?
    • Book Journals are not currently pushed back to QBO.
  • When and how does data sync occur?
    • Data is synced once when you click the QB Connect button. For your information, Tallyfor displays the date that the sync was last made.
  • What QBO user permissions are required?
    • You need to be invited as an Admin to pull data from QBO's API.

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